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Just 1 extra customer covers the cost. Unleash your SEO potential with the #1 DIY SEO Toolbox.
  • Biggest boost first. Providing nuanced insights on your most important issues and pages.
  • This toolbox will crawl your website, reporting any rank killing issues it finds.
  • Document your website success on the search result pages over time.
  • It analyzes your competitors for any keyword you choose.
  • Integrate this with your Google Search Console for more.

With our DIY plans, you won't break the bank, and you have the freedom to cancel anytime.

Plus, if you're not completely satisfied for any reason within the first 90 days, we'll refund your last payment.

That's our commitment to your success - because SEO with Comptrio definitely does NOT suck!

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Optimizer DIY SEO Toolbox

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Tap into the flood of Google SEO traffic
that your competitors are hoarding!

Learn what to fix, Verify that your changes worked, Monitor your rank over time.

Site Wide Audit

Reveal website issues that could prevent search engines from finding your site.

Broken Link Monitor

Identify and repair links on your website that no longer work.

Page Audit

Analyze each webpage to uncover opportunities for better search visibility.

Webpage Keyword Analyzer

Evaluate how effectively your webpages utilize target keywords for better visibility.

Competitor Analysis - Page Metrics

Discover the optimal website metrics to outrank top search results for your target keywords.

Competitor Keyword Targets

Identify high-impact keywords used by top-ranking competitors for better search visibility.

Professional Sitemap Generator

Curate the URLs submitted to Google and prioritize the best pages for efficient crawling.

Site Speed Report

Pinpoint and prioritize slow-loading pages for a faster, more engaging website experience.

Rank Tracker

Track your website's search visibility progress for your target keywords over time.


Discover additional features to enhance your website's performance.

If you find that the DIY tool works well for you but you still need an extra boost, you can always upgrade to our Perpetual Growth DFY SEO service. Our expert will take your SEO to the next level, building upon the foundation you've established with the DIY SEO Toolbox.

Ownership and Transparency: Your Data, Your Control

Let me guess. Your last SEO provider kept your website's analytics data to themselves, leaving you in the dark. If you were lucky, you might have received an occasional report.

Your last SEO provider might have locked you into a long contract, lacked communication, or refused to explain their ranking strategies. There are many reasons why they sucked, but at Comptrio, we do things differently:

Everything we do for you is on full display and yours to keep. There's no magic involved - just my 20+ years of experience and data-driven insights.

I believe you should own your analytics account and have full access to your website data, regardless of who your SEO provider is.

With my system, you grant access to your data, and you can easily revoke it any time, for any reason.

I've built this tool to ensure you maintain control and ownership of your data, always.

Our methods are based on hard data and mathematical analysis, not guesswork or trends. Facts, not fluff.

No Contracts, No Traps: Our Commitment to Your Freedom

Our system is designed with your best interests in mind from the start. When you subscribe, your payment activates our software, and when you cancel, it triggers a shutdown timer. It's that easy - no complicated contracts, no hidden clauses, and no traps.

Honestly, what good reason do we (or any SEO provider) have to lock you into a long-term contract? If they didn't prioritize your needs from the beginning, that just sucks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can cancel anytime.

Your account will remain active until the end of the current billing period, and you will have read access for a few days after that.

You can cancel through Square without having to explain anything to anyone.

The DIY SEO Toolbox is a Do-It-Yourself system that provides measurements about your website.

Our web crawlers will visit each page of your website to learn about them.

We tell you what the measurements mean and how to adjust your site to "move the needle".

Our tools measure your webpages and articles across many SEO topics, and we layer these measurements into predictive analysis models to help you unseat the #1 position.

While it takes more than just hitting SEO targets, you have control over the on-page elements, making it easy for you to influence.

Regardless of your overall SEO state, getting each part right helps more keywords rise to the top of Google.

YES! We limit usage at your account level, but your account can be tied to hundreds of website 'Projects'.

Whether you have a single 100k page website, a hundred 1k page websites, or 1000 websites with 100 pages each, we treat them as the same limits on your membership tier.

There is a support form in your DIY SEO Toolbox account for system-related questions about your account or report results.

I provide email support with a 10-minute to 24-hour turnaround for answers.

We have developed proprietary algorithms based on pure math and statistical analysis to provide precise and reliable SEO measurements.

Our SEO experts continually refine these algorithms to ensure the highest level of accuracy and performance.

Yes, for clients seeking a more hands-off approach, we offer our "Perpetual Growth" package.

This Done For You service leverages cutting-edge AI technologies to continuously optimize your website's SEO performance, always supervised by a human who has to approve all changes beforehand.

This is a human provided service, but that human has powerful AI helpers.

As a bonus, Perpetual Growth subscribers receive complimentary access to the DIY SEO Toolbox, ensuring full transparency into our efforts.

We offer a 100% 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with the DIY SEO Toolbox for any reason within the first 90 days, you can request a full refund of your last payment. Just contact support to take care of it for you.

I am confident you will love this SEO toolbox and get the results you expect.

While knowing SEO helps, the DIY SEO Toolbox strives to serve you best by helping you understand the lingo and perform tasks laid out for you to accomplish.

If you are new to SEO, the system is set up to help you get up to speed quickly with contextual help that stays out of your way if you know what you're doing.

You can get help on most things without losing your place on the site with just a quick click.

We use Square to handle online payments and recurring subscriptions.

Our system is integrated with them to create/activate your account and update the last date of successful payment to keep your account active. We never see your payment details.

Internally, your data is contained within your own database. No other users have access. Your information is never sent anywhere. I will never sell/trade/share it.

Yes. How? Math. Mostly a whole lot of math.

We consistently review top-ranking webpages across various niches.

More specifically, we review your niches and show you what is working and where you need to be to seriously compete.

By analyzing what is currently working in your niche and plenty of others, we always see exactly what is effective.

If Google changes, our system automatically adapts as well.

This is the nature of a data-driven SEO Toolbox.

Absolutely. Our commitment to using transparent, math-based methodologies ensures that the data you receive is trustworthy and free from the potential biases or inconsistencies that can sometimes arise from AI-based systems.

Absolutely! As a Perpetual Growth subscriber, you'll receive complimentary access to the DIY SEO Toolbox.

This allows you to have full visibility into the SEO work being done on your site, track progress, and understand the impact of our efforts.

It's one part of our way to ensure complete transparency and keep you informed every step of the way.